From the Andean view, to live harmoniously it is essential to bring balance to the relationship between human beings and the forces of nature. This is accomplished by attuning oneself to the natural world by way of ceremony and ritual. Through these sacred interchanges we live in Ayni, reciprocity and right relationship, with our fellow earthkeepers and our environment. We begin to feel our interconnection with all of Earth and perceive the elements - the stones, sun, rivers, birds, wind, flowers - as beings with a Spirit. I offer individuals and groups the following ceremonies and rituals to initiate and deepen their connection:


Soul Retrieval 

An individual ceremony to call back soul pieces that have left us and traveled to Pachamama, our Earth Mother, for protection. It is believed that when we suffer shock from an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul, our light essence, flees the body in order to survive the experience. This ceremony is for individuals who seek to live in wholeness and spiritual harmony. (read more)

Chunpi Karpay (Bands of Power Initiation) 

A ceremony using chunpi khuyas, hand carved stones from the Andes, to open and activate the 5 energy centers of the human body. Chunpi is a Quecha word meaning 'belt'. According to Andean mysticism, there are 5 energy belts, similar to chakras that extend around the body and each has an eye called a ñawi. All 5 belts are associated with a color and an element. When woven into your energy field, the bands of power transmute heavy or toxic energy into the elements. The nature of this transmission is deeply cleansing, removing heavy energy from your field and reconnecting you with the light living energy to experience vitality and wellbeing. 

Andean Despacho Ceremony

A ceremonial offering to honor Pachamama, Mother Earth, or the Apus, Mountain Spirits. A wide variety of symbolic elements (such as sweets, grains, seeds, flower petals, herbs, shells) are intricately arranged on white paper, infused with sami and then bundled up and either burned in a fire, buried under the Earth or placed in a body of water. Despachos are used to attain ayni, for healing, to support life transitions, rites of passage or bring community together.


Andean Fire Ceremony 

A ceremony opening to the element Fire and Mama Killa, Grandmother Moon, during her cycle of the New moon or Full moon. Fire ceremonies are the center of all spiritual practices and common among all ancient and native cultures. Each fire ceremony offers us the opportunity to use the source of all light to amplify our intentions. Fire allows us to source from our soul and release any blocks or to remember the dreams that live within us. During ceremony there may be offerings, chanting, drumming and song. This traditional ceremony is performed in nature but also may be practiced in a space with the contained fire of a candle flame or wood burning stove. 

The Rite of the Womb

A ceremonial transmission of healing to the womb that originates in the Amazon jungle through the women of the Shipibo medicine lineage. This rite is for the purification and awakening of your womb, as a center of creation and life.

Five Element Healing Altar Ritual

Learn how to create a sacred space by honoring the six directions: South, West, North, East, Mother Earth and Father Sun and the five elementals: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit and acknowledging the balance between feminine and masculine.  

Earth Mandala Ritual

A mandala is a healing circle, a Flower of Life, a cosmic diagram connecting us to the Universal oneness. This ritual is a flower offering of prayer and love to Mother Earth and the Spirit of the land where you live or the lands where you are traveling.