Ceremony for groups

To live harmoniously it is essential to bring balance to the relationship between human beings and the forces of nature. This is accomplished by attuning oneself to the natural world by way of ceremony. Through these sacred interchanges we live in right relationship with fellow human beings and our environment. We begin to feel our interconnection with the Earth and Cosmos. I offer the following ceremonies in the supportive presence of a group setting to deepen your connection with the natural world and support the bodies innate ability to heal itself. 


Andean Despacho Ceremony

A ceremonial offering to honor Pachamama, Mother Earth, or the Apus, Mountain Spirits. A wide variety of symbolic elements (such as sweets, grains, seeds, flower petals, herbs, shells) are intricately arranged on white paper in the shape of a mandala, infused with light energy and then bundled up and either burned in a fire, buried under the Earth or placed in a body of water. Despachos may be used to welcome the birth of a baby, to celebrate the union of two people, for health and wellbeing, to support life transitions, to call in love or prosperity, to bless agricultural land, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to start a new business, to heal from the death of a loved one, to honor rites of passage, to restore balance and harmony, to bring community together or when there is a specific request from the Spirit world. 

Sound Healing 

Healing with ancestral sounds using vocalization and the spirit of native instruments. Through vibrational medicine we are able to move and extract energy by clearing blockages and energetic filaments. The frequencies of the sound tools support the life force energy of your being.  




Rite of the Womb ceremony (for women)

A ceremonial transmission of healing into the womb that originates from the women of the Shipibo medicine lineage in the Amazonia jungle of Peru. This rite is for the purification and awakening of your utero, as a center of creation and life.

plant medicine w/ Ancestral Sound Healing

Using freshly harvested medicinal plants and flowers from the land to cleanse the subtle energy body. The ceremony closes with sound healing to induce an altered state where the body begins to heal itself. Plants in season may include rose, rosemary, mugwort and others. 

Flower + water blessing (for couples)

A ceremony celebrating love and sacred union, with the elements of guided meditation, sound healing, flower offerings and sacred waters.