In an individual ceremony, we focus on the level of the soul and the subtle energy body. We open with an interchange to discuss your present wellbeing and gently guide you through the healing process. Ceremonies are in-person or remote. Remote ceremonies are available for individuals who are geographically at a distance. A ceremony is 75-90 minutes and may include the following shamanic and energy healing practices.

We come together to re-establish your connection with the natural world and bring your being into harmony with all of life for wellbeing. You may feel the call for a ceremony if you are experiencing an imbalance in your physical, etheric, astral (emotional) or mental body. All ceremonies are rooted in the ancient wisdom of the San Pedro Mesada Tradition of the North Coast of Peru and the Andean Tradition of the Q'ero Nation of Peru. 



Spiritual cleansing using fresh medicinal plants and other natural elements from the Earth. This healing treatment removes "susto" (shock, trauma or severe fright) and re-aligns you with your soul-spirit nature. The life force energy that streams through us from the Cosmos can now flow freely and the body begins to heal itself. 


A cleansing ceremony that removes ancestral spirits, karma, curses and elemental energies from your matriarchal and patriarchal lineages. Ancestral spirits are transferred in the DNA as parents create the embryo upon conception. Ancestral spirits are imprints, aberrations or negations of light that manifest in the body, mind, and spirit of a child and continue in the lineage for seven generations unless it is  specifically cleansed. 


A gentle ceremony of welcoming for a baby that includes a Limpia con Huevo (egg cleansing), a blessing with San Pedro Holy Water from Peru, freshly harvested roses infused with prayers and 432Hz sound healing, which is believed to be the harmonic intonation of nature. This is a ceremony of celebration and flowering. 






Sound Healing + Prayer

Healing with ancestral sounds using vocalization and the spirit of native instruments. Through vibrational medicine we are able to move and extract energy by clearing blockages and energetic filaments. The frequencies of the sound tools support the life force energy of your being.  

Soul Retrieval ceremony

An individual ceremony to call back soul pieces that have left us and traveled to Pachamama, our Earth Mother, for protection. It is believed that when we suffer shock from an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul, our light essence, flees the body in order to survive the experience. This ceremony is for individuals who seek to live in wholeness and spiritual harmony. 

Shamanic Journey 

A ritual using a drum or rattle to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel between the unseen worlds. The Hanaq pacha or Upper world, Kay pacha or Middle world and Ukhu pacha or Interior world for healing, insight and vision. Intent of a journey may include retrieving lost power, gifts and energy which are transmitted into the individuals energy field and body.