p. Tin Ojeda  

p. Tin Ojeda


Maggie Harrsen is a Curandera Hierbatera, a healer who works with spirit forces of the natural world including the plants, mountains and waters.

For the past five years Maggie has been traveling to Peru where she apprentices Shaman in the Q'ero lineage of the Andean Tradition as well as Curanderas of the North Coastal Mesada Tradition. Maggie began studying the healing arts in 2008 and today her work integrates a range of nurturing practices including Andean Mysticism, Shamanism, Sound Healing, Plant Medicine, Flowering Baths and Usui Reiki. She currently lives and works on the East End of New York, offering ceremony and individual healing sessions for women, men and children. She inspires human beings to uncover their true nature and supports them in a lifestyle of harmony with Pachamama, Mother Earth, and the Cosmos. 

Maggie holds the sacred space for healing, working within the subtle energy field to access ones natural state of wellbeing. She supports the human body's innate capacity to heal itself.

Her love of Mother Earth naturally extends into healing and caring for the land through her reverence of Biodynamic Agriculture. You can find Maggie on local farms in her community and the lands she travels, communing with the plant kingdom, regenerating the soil with her hands and holding ceremony in these sacred places of nature. She is a member of the Biodynamic Association and the Flower Essence Society


Photography © Maggie Harrsen