Shamanic Healing

Sessions are rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Andean tradition of the Q'ero nation, the Children of the Inka, who live in right relationship with Mother Earth. We come together to re-establish this deep connection to the natural world and bring your being into harmony with all of life for awakening, wellbeing and empowerment. An individual may feel the call for a session if they are experiencing an imbalance in their physical, etheric, astral (emotional) or mental body. 

In an individual session, we focus on the level of the soul and the subtle energy body. We open with an interchange to discover ones wellbeing in the present and gently guide you through the healing process. An offering of self healing tools may also be introduced. Remote sessions are available for individuals who are geographically at a distance. A session is 90 minutes and may include the following shamanic and energy healing practices:


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Shamanic Journey 

A ritual using a drum or rattle to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel between the unseen worlds. The Hanaq pacha or Upper world, Kay pacha or Middle world and Ukhu pacha or Interior world for healing, insight and vision. Intentions of a journey may include retrieving lost power, gifts and energy which are transmitted into the individuals energy field and body.  

Khuya Healing 

A combination of hands on healing with khuyas (stones of power) to absorb and heal energy blockages through the 3 main centers of being: Yachay (Navel, representing Action), Munay (Heart, representing Love) and Llankay (Head, representing Wisdom). The wild, undomesticated salka energy from Pachamama and the Cosmos will activate and begin streaming through the body. Additional native elements such as the smoke of palo santo, feathers and flower water may also be used to support the cleansing process. 


Exploring prayer through huna (ancient healing and spiritual shamanism of native Hawai’i) and the vibration of sound to enter into a state of expanded awareness.





The central healing practice of an Andean mystic where they eat and digest heavy energy with their spiritual stomach and transform it into light, refined energy. This clears the clients poq'po (luminous energy bubble) enhancing the flow of kawsay (living energy) and attuning them to the kawsay pacha (the world of living energy). 

Sound Healing 

Healing with ancestral sounds using vocalization and the spirit of native instrument. Through these vibrations we are able to access the voice of physical and emotional suffering and release trauma, draining energetic filaments and extract crystallized or fluid energies.      

Andean Energetic Passes

Connecting with the natural world through the wisdom of Andean Cosmology. Discover powerful healing practices to drive energy, deepening your connection with the Spirits of nature and learning how to care for your energetic body. Aligning oneself with the energy of the Cosmos, Pachamama (Mother Earth), Tayti Inti (Father Sun), Mama Qocha (Mother Ocean), Mama Killa (Grandmother Moon).