in-person session

1-hour healing session at Puakai Casita in the Hamptons or other locations Maggie regularly travels to such as NYC, LA and José Ignacio, Uruguay. Puakai Casita is located at 249 Main Street in Amagansett, New York.

300 USD



remote session

1-hour healing session available worldwide for individuals who are geographically at a distance. This session includes dialogue with Maggie over the telephone before and after your session.

300 USD



in-home session

1-hour healing session in your home with personalized treatments such as an herbal bath, rinse or steam. May include an assessment of the electromagnetic frequencies in your living environment. Also available for intimate groups.

PricE upon request


At the root of this work is understanding there are spiritual causes of illness which can often be cured. A healing session supports the flow of vital force through your body, as it cleanses the subtle anatomy of heavy energetic influences and initiates a re-connection with Nature through the five elements. A healing effect is achieved by various therapies including: limpias (sprirtual cleansings) with eggs, candles and freshly harvested medicinal plants, herbal infusions, holy and flower waters, cleansing and flowering baths, plant smoke, therapeutic touch and prayer. You may benefit from a session if you are experiencing or have experienced:


Acute or chronic illness, disease, abuse, injury, infertility, accident or no medical diagnosis


Emotions such as fear, shock, grief, anger, guilt, shame


Trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, PTSD, hyperactivity, dissociation, sleep disorders


Disconnection from soul, confusion of life purpose, longing for wholeness & connection