Maggie has dedicated the past decade of her life looking for the truth to heal herself from imbalances that manifested in her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. She has traveled around the world, experimenting with various traditions and modalities of healing. While some therapies worked for a time, the majority of practices she experienced did not bring a true cure. During her first journey to Peru, Maggie discovered the single, greatest factor that contributed to her healing, the understanding of life-force energy called kawsay in Quechua. To be a human being means you are an energetic being, inter-connected with the Spirit forces of Nature through your subtle body. She believes that an individuals wellbeing is influenced by three distinct energetic factors, 1) Energy blockages in the subtle body, 2) Disconnection from the energy of the nature, and 3) Energy stressors in the environment. Maggie's process has become her way of life and today she shares it with the intent to support individuals on the path to healing themselves. 




The subtle body is comprised of various layers of vibrating energy that make up a human being. These layers create what is known as the auric body system, or aura. In Peru, Maggie was introduced to a system of medicine called Curanderismo. A traditional system of healing where the individual is viewed as a spiritual being. 

to the idea of ancestral healing  , how did people heal themselves , how did they view disease

drawn to the way various indigenous communities  

She was brought back to the way our ancestors looked at disease. 

studied the ancient medical traditions around the world, as


If symptoms have manifested in the physical body this must be addressed along with the energetic root, as disruptions in any auric layer lead to physical illness. 

I first journeyed to regions of Peru where there are communities of people  have been studying alternative medicine with Curanderas in Peru who have understand how various types of energy cause blockages in the body which lead to poor health and wellbeing. From the perspective of the Curandera (Shaman), these are the top eight spiritual causes of illness to be cleansed from the subtle body: 

Susto (shock or trauma) 

Alma (reduced vital-force from soul loss)

Ancestro (heavy energy passed on from ancestral lineage)

Tristeza (sadness or depression)

Envidia (envy)

Billis (suppressed anger)

Mal Aire (exposure to bad air)

Mal de Ojo (evil eye primarily affecting children) 





Connecting daily with the native energies in your environment is key to your wellbeing. This may seem very basic, but when our lives become structured in the container of our modern world, we are often taken far away from this simple truth. Learn the ways to re-connect with the native energies in your environment, read my post 

dis-connected from the rhythmic cycles of nature. 










A living being cannot truly get well in the same environment that it got sick in. In order to get well, one needs to change their environment. Your body and especially the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of the cells, respond to your environment. Therefore if you are unwell, there is great importance in examining the environment you live in. Our outer environment is a living being, a teacher, who is showing us what changes need to be made in order to come back into harmony. 

There are many energies that effect your wellbeing including non-native frequencies. You may not even realize that these energies interfere with the energy of your subtle body. It is absolutely necessary for anyone seeking healing to eliminate these stressors from your environment. 

Learn about these types of man-made energies, read my post Non-Native Light Energy

EMF (Electro-magnetic Frequencies)

Blue light 

Ionizing radiation

Other forms of radiation






During a 1-1 session, Maggie guides you through the healing process: cleansing your subtle body of energetic influences and initiating a re-connection with Nature through the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. A healing effect is achieved by various therapies including: limpias (sprirtual cleansings) with eggs and freshly harvested plants, herbal infusions, holy and flower waters, cleansing and flowering baths, plant smoke, sound healing and prayer. From here we discuss all aspects of the environment you live in. Examples of why an individual may come for a session include:


Any acute or chronic illness, disease, abuse, injuries, accidents 


Emotions such as fear, shock, grief, anger


Trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, PTSD, hyperactivity, dissociation


Disconnection from soul, confusion of life purpose, longing for wholeness & connection