A human being cannot get well in the same environment where it became sick. The individual must change their living environment to support the body’s regeneration. The human body and especially the mitochondria, our sixth sense and the energy powerhouses in our cells, respond to the environment. Therefore it is essential for an individual to examine their environment for clues that correspond to their current state of health. The environment is a living being who we are in relationship with and a teacher who speaks to us by expressing indications for what may be causing disorder inside of the body. Today we are influenced by various stressors in our environment including emotional and physical, non-native frequencies which interfere with the flow of energy within our subtle body. It is necessary for anyone seeking healing to asses their perception of their environment as well as the energy present such as emotional influences, exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and environmental factors like population density.





Daily connection with the living energies in the environment is key to wellbeing. The Sun, Earth, Air, Water and Ether. This may seem very basic but when our lives are structured in the container of a modern world, we are often taken far away from this simple truth. By aligning with the energy of nature and the elements we restore our circadian rhythm, the primary influence being the rising and setting of the sun which affects all living beings on the planet including plants, animals and humans. A lifestyle of living close to the earth was practiced by our ancestors who roamed the land and communicated with the Spirit of Nature. When we are connected with nature we are able to perceive that all living things possess a distinct spiritual essence. There is no distinction between the spiritual and physical world and the soul or spirit or sentience exists not only in human beings, but also in animals, plants, stones, geographic features such as mountains or oceans or other presence in the natural environment, including thunder, wind and sun. We are nature, therefore its forces support regeneration of the body.





The subtle body is comprised of various layers of vibrating energy that make up a human being. These layers create what is known as the auric body system, or aura, which is intimately associated with our health. Maggie was introduced to a traditional system of medicine in Peru called Curanderismo which arose from the mixing of Iberian, African and Mesoamerican healing traditions. Curanderismo views an individual as a spiritual being and promotes healing through nature and faith-based methods such as prayer, limpias (cleansing rituals) and herbal remedies. Maggie was intrigued by the way Curandera’s view disease and she began studying with them to learn about the energetic roots they believe lead to poor health. From the perspective of the Curandera, there are spiritual and emotional illnesses that can cause a loss of vital force within the body. These include: Susto (fright), Tristeza (sadness), Pesar (grief), Envidia (envy), Bilis (anger), Mal Aire (bad air) and Mal de Ojo (evil eye).


For the past decade of her life, Maggie has traveled the world looking for a way to heal herself from imbalances that manifested in her physical-etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

While she experimented with various traditions and modalities of healing, none of the therapies she experienced brought a cure until her first journey to Peru where Maggie discovered the greatest factor that contributed to her healing, "the understanding of energy or vital life force". Known as kawsay in Quechua, vital force is a magnetic energy that permeates all beings in the living Universe and all beings rely on this energy for wellbeing and life. To be a living being means your an energetic being, inter-connected with the Spirit forces of the natural world through your subtle energy body.

This discovery prompted Maggie to examine all aspects of her life and she found that her wellbeing was influenced by three distinct energetic factors, 1) Changing the energy environment she lived in, 2) Connecting with the energy of Nature, and 3) Cleansing the energy of her subtle body. By introducing these energetic influences, Maggie was able to restore her indwelling healing response which supported her body to naturally regenerate and heal itself. Today this process has become her way of life and she began sharing it to inspire individuals on a path to healing themselves.