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autumn RETREAT 2018


Maggie Harrsen and Hannah Rae Porst are leading A healing journey IN the Sacred Valley of Peru. Please join us as we walk the path of the ancient ones - absorbing the living energy of Pachamama, the wisdom of her people and awakening NUNA, our Spirit and the Spirit that lives in all things.









"The Andean tradition, its wisdom and energetic practices, have empowered me on my path and given me a deeper understanding of the Kawsay Pacha, the world of living energy. This way of being has reminded me of my power as a human being and strengthened my connection to the natural world and all of life. For me, this is a path of wellbeing, truth and liberation. In this journey, we will walk together in service, on the Earth and under the Cosmos, to places that will ignite the Spirit."







"Peru’s living mountains and earth wise people are my teachers. We will make an expedition to Q’eros, home of the wisdom keepers of the Andes – my soul family. Last of the Incas, the Q’eros people have much to teach us about service to each other and to our natural world as a path to understanding, joy and contentment. We will learn Ayni and make ceremony with Q'ero paqos, including 100 year old Cipriana, who has never left her high mountain home. We will know the peace of giving and receiving in harmony with each other, the Q’eros people and Pachamama."



TESTIMONIALS FROM past journeys:


"I came to Peru not being much of a traveler.  I went because what was being offered by Hannah and Maggie was heartful, of the spirit, of the earth.  And at the same time I am not exactly sure why I went, but it called me.  The journey was rich and I left with tangible lightness in my being.  With clarity about my path.  And with new family that I know I will remain connected with.  I am so grateful for the generosity, humility and authenticity that made NUNA absolutely delicious." - Olivia, Hudson Valley, NY, 2015

"I feel like my eyes and heart are now fully open. I have been waiting for this for a long time and feel like my true self. Thank you for such a life changing adventure, I will never forget you all, the people and the places we went. Y'all gave me the greatest gift, the gift of stepping into my power through transformation. I am so ready to create what I was put here for and to keep my heart open with each breath." - Ashley, Topanga Canyon, CA, 2015

"Peru never ceases to teach and transform me. Journeying with you all showed me yet another side of such a powerful land and people. I'm so grateful for all the deep healing which is still unfolding, percolating within me and will continue to ripple to my ancestral line." - Marilu, Santa Cruz, CA, 2015

"I took this trip for a change of scenery, no other reason, just why not. But in fact you two answered my call, Wilma answered my call, Cipriana answered my call - the Apus, Pachamama, the Q'eros and their children, the water, bees, flowers, hummingbirds - everything came together to help me. I'm endlessly inspired by our journey. You both and the Q'eros people and land are such a part of my heart." - Mary, Long Island, NY, 2015