Peruvian Shaman The Twins in Los Angeles, CA

May 10-17, 2018

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Please join us in welcoming my dear Grandmothers, beloved Peruvian Medicine Women Doña Ysabel and Doña Olinda known as The Twins to Los Angeles, CA.


As Curanderas for over 35 years, The Twins will be offering San Pedro Mesada CeremoniesPrivate Healing Sessions and Workshops. They are traveling all the way from the North Coast of Peru to offer their beautiful feminine energy as they guide us in healing our energy bodies and reconnecting with Mother Earth. 

The Twins attribute their gifts to the guiding spirit of San Pedro, who informs them as to what work needs to be done on each client to obtain wholeness.  San Pedro is the traditional Saint that "chose” them as healers and is also represented by the cactus plant San Pedro. Traditionally for thousands of years, the spirit of this plant is ingested to expand ones ability to heal others. The Twins, having worked with this spirit for so long, can access its guidance at any time without any herbal assistance. The Twins heal clients by several methods: hands on healing (as in private sessions), the use of herbs and teas, as well as the traditional core ceremony of the North Coast of Peru, known as the San Pedro Mesada Ceremony. This ceremony deepens the individual work the Twins do, and helps to rapidly clear the heavy energy in the client’s field. In this ceremony, the Twins guide the group to directly experience the spirit of San Pedro and in doing so release years of accumulated heavy energy. Please Note the Twins speak Spanish and a translator will be present who speaks English.




The San Pedro Mesada Ceremony is their signature healing ceremony which they use every evening back at their home in Chiclayo. This ceremony originated in North Coastal Peru and has been used for 1,000's of years, the first evidence of which comes from the great Moche culture, which is a civilization that pre-dates the Inkas. Doña Ysabel channels the Spirit of San Pedro and offers deep healing to the group. Doña Olinda works with sacred wooden swords removing unwanted energies, clearing the Light Body, cutting chords and awakening inner seeds of knowledge stored in the DNA. The ceremonies goal is the healing of the participants and assists in opening the heart, creating greater connection to Spirit, and removing accumulated heavy energy from one's field. The group participates in the drinking of a sacred homeopathic herbal tea made from the San Pedro plant. This is an active ceremony, where participants are directed to move and shake out limbs - to assist in the removal of the dense energies that have accumulated in the body. People of all ages have participated and adjustments can be made based on your mobility. This is a very safe experience and the tea does not induce any psychotropic effects. Evening ceremonies are open for 15 people. 

Exchange: 250 USD

Location: Private Home in Los Angeles, CA

Dates Coming Soon 




In a 1-hour Private Healing Session with The Twins, Dona Ysabel and Olinda, you will receive a powerful combination of: a diagnostic reading, cleansing, healing and blessing. They are sought out in their hometown of Northern Peru to cure issues relating from terminal illness to poor health to unhealthy relationships. They are famous for healing the impossible and credited with miraculous healings. They are also wonderful with children. Both healers work on you during the session and if you have special requests or issues, please let the Twins know at the beginning of your session so that they may best support your healing process. 

Exchange: 250 USD

Location: Private Home in TOPANGA CANYON

Dates Coming Soon 






Join the Twins as they reveal one of their most powerful healing secrets to their students in this interactive workshop. All are invited, both healers and people who need healing. This is a unique and rare experience as this form of healing is rarely taught, and will serve the student life-long. The Twin Shamans will teach students how to prepare a  "Shaman's Seguro". A "Seguro" is a form of protection that serves the healer during ceremonies and sessions.  In the medicine of the North Coast of Peru, the "seguro" is considered crucial for all practicing energy work. The Twins would not do their work without one. For the layperson, the seguro provides protection in life to ones self and their family. Traditionally used for centuries, this healing tool is said to absorb negative energies, bringing protection to the holder (and their family) thus bringing a clear path to the future of abundance and health. The healing tool can even be used right after an unexpected negative occurrence with immediate action. The Twins provide all the materials needed, including the sacred herbs they gather once a year in the extremely inaccessible and holy lagoons of the Huaringas, in Peru.

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Workshop !!: Ancestral DNA Clearing

Learn how to clear your lineage from the dark energy of the past. Many techniques help remove ancestral & trans-generational patterns, yet issues still linger and illness and addictions continue down the family lineages. This is a very particular rite that was given by the sacred teacher San Pedro, through Dona Ysabel and Olinda, to end the darkest type of compacted energy that is responsible for the increase of negative energies that prevail today- those that contribute to the rising rates of addictions, illness, cancers, depression and anxiety. In this workshop, this sacred rite will be performed and taught. Once learned, we encourage you to perform it on friends and family, to contribute to the ending of these destructive energies on our planet. This rite can be performed by healers and laypeople alike.

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We will be held in a private home in Topanga Canyon, CA. The home is in nature, surrounded by olive and oak trees, with a beautiful view of the sacred Santa Monica Mountains. A short 10-minute drive to the ocean, 15-minute drive to Malibu and Santa Monica. All private healing sessions will be held inside the home. Group ceremonies and workshops may be held directly outside of the home in nature, weather permitting. 





STEP 1. 

Email Maggie / to choose your Ceremony - Private Session - Workshop with preferred date + time. 


Maggie will email you to confirm your date + time and send details on how to submit your exchange within 24 hours to hold your reservation. Due to the nature of the Twins offerings and the preparation for their journey from Peru to the USA, we do not offer any refunds once you complete your booking. In the past, their offerings have sold out so we suggest booking as soon as possible. 


Once you submit your exchange you have completed your booking and you will receive a confirmation email from Maggie including our private location address and all preparation details





Doña Ysabel Chinguel and Doña Olinda Pintado are famous Curanderas, Medicine Women, from the North Coast of Peru (Chiclayo), featured in Dr. Bonnie Glass-Coffin's acclaimed book, "The Gift of Life." They work with their mesa and plant medicine. Known as The Twins, they work in their community as respected healers. They use ancient traditional ways to treat people. The focus of their medicine is to put you at peace with the Spirits of the Universe. Ysabel, from Singo in the province of Huancabamba, and Olinda, from Huancabamba village are soul twins, also known as Yanatin-Masintin, a balanced complementary union of masculine and feminine energy. For 30 years, they have practiced northern ancestral medicine in the city of Chiclayo. Their wonderful working relationship has allowed them to heal many kinds of illnesses- from depression to terminal illnesses.  Traveling to Huancabamba with their clients, Ysabel and Olinda always make use of the sacred waters of the magical Huaringas lakes. Ysabel Chinguel comes from las Huaringas and the sacred lakes nearby Piura, Peru. She is well known because of her “angel hands”.  People from all over the world come and take baths at the lakes in Huaringas, where they are healed and blessed.  When she was 30, she was elected by the divine San Pedro spirit to be a healer.  Ever since this time, she works at Chiclayo, Peru, helping people with terminal and rare diseases, and other disorders. Olinda Pintado comes from Huancabamba, a village near las Huaringas Piura, Peru. Since she was a little girl, she was interested in the Mesadas (San Pedro Ceremonies) and began to learn the ways of this medicine. When her cousin was very sick, Ysabel was invited to do a mesada on his behalf.  All were amazed by the results as a deep healing ensued. Olinda’s path was clear after this point;  according to her tradition, she was elected by the Divine spirit of San Pedro to be a healer.  She practices her medicine in Chiclayo, Peru, together with Isabel.

Maggie Harrsen has returned to the States after living in Peru for the past year, where she led healing retreats in the Sacred Valley and spent time with the Twins at their home in Chiclayo, receiving teachings and participating in San Pedro Mesada Ceremonies. Maggie was introduced to the Twins in 2013 by Kathryn Michaels of the Earthkeepers Foundation where she participated in one of their San Pedro Mesada Ceremonies in New York City. Nearly five years later and living in Peru, Maggie was called by the Spirit of San Pedro in her dreams to reconnect with these Medicine Women. She is honored to support the Twins journey to her homeland where they can experience the beauty of the sea and support many individuals in her community into greater wellbeing. 


The Twins harvesting organic herbs on our farm in Bridgehampton, New York, September 2017