Introducing | PUA SERIES

Pua is a flower, or the process of flowering in Hawaiian.

Pua Series is an evolving sequence of digital workshops with the intent to open and imbue your being with renewed vital force through reconnecting with the natural world.

Our vital force, or life force, is the energy that animates our physical being. It is the energy that flows within us and around us. It is the innate energy of our human body that heals us. When this energy is moving freely through our subtle anatomy, we are balanced and well. 

Studying a flower, we are able to perceive its vital force as well as the cosmic and earth forces which support its flowering. for human beings this is also true. This series WILL touch upon various themes to reconnect you with these etheric forces and support your flowering process. wisdom within this series was passed onto Maggie by elder Curanderas, through her studies in the healing arts AND directly by the spirit of mother nature.  



series 1 | The Medicine of MOTHER NATURE

A 7-day online workshop exploring the energetic and therapeutic use of plants and flowers in shamanic practices. Each day will include: a written introduction of our daily topic with a step-by-step guide for a particular healing therapy, ritual or ceremony. One day features an audio recording of a guided meditation. This workshop was created so beings from all around the world can experience the medicine of plants and their therapeutic applications in the comfort of their home environment and in their own rhythm.

In the high mountain, coastal and jungle regions of Peru, the communities who inhabit the land call her Pachamama, the living being who is Mother Nature. Her medicine, the plants and flowers covering her body, are gifts she has given us human beings to come into balance. This workshop is for individuals looking to: step into greater health and wellbeing, experience daily practices in a traditional system of healing called Curanderismo, learn how to care for your subtle energy body, connect with your soul-spirit nature and deepen your relationship with the natural world.

The content of the workshop is written material with one downloadable audio recording. This is not a live class.

Day 1:  Building + Activating Your Mesa Altar
Day 2:  Limpia Cleansing For Your Home
Day 3:  Guided Meditation w/San Pedro Cactus
Day 4:  Limpia Cleansing for Yourself, Family and Animals
Day 5:  Flowering Banos Bath / Rinse
Day 6:  Blending Agua de Florida Flower Water
Day 7:  Ceremony of Healing for Mother Nature

Exchange: 70 USD