"When I first met you, I saw you as a woman in the painting's of Botticelli, a luminous woman. I see you - a woman of the Mountains, a woman of the Sea."  - Don Américo Yábar, Sacred Valley, Peru

"Maggie, thank you for the beautiful work you are doing. Sending much love." - Sandra Ingerman, Santa Fe

"It has been a great honor to work with Maggie over the last several years. I felt a strong resonance with her as soon as we connected and it just seems to grow and deepen over time/space. I hold a deep amount of trust in her and the way she offers her ceremonies and healings. Maggie is a true representation of a woman walking the beauty path." - Mea, Daughter of the Sun, Kauai

"Maggie, my life changed within 1 month of having my session with you. You are forever in my heart. Thank you for doing what you do. Lots of love always." - Mariangel, NYC

"Thank you again for the Soul Retrieval Ceremony in February. I have let go of so much embedded pain, down to the tissues and cells. To have the freedom to stay grounded (and then fly from that groundedness) is the most precious gift - thank you. I am at a point of clarity and ease as I shift in the kind of work I do in the world and transform the work I currently do. What's wonderful is that the old and new are merging to create something magical I could never have imagined. "  - Elena, NYC

"Maggie guided me through a powerful and profound Soul Retrieval Ceremony. We did the work remotely - she was in New York and I was in L.A. - but I felt her presence acutely. She was so present, so engaged, and so clearly connected to source that I felt completely safe, seen, and held, even from such a great distance. I am still feeling the resonance of our time together. This is deep work and Maggie approaches it with an intuitive wisdom and deep reverence. She is a beautiful healer, a wise woman, and a dear sister." - Alison, Los Angeles