restorative therapies

We suggest the following therapies and rituals to support your healing process after an individual or group ceremony. As energy shifts within your subtle body, great importance lies in further supporting your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Maggie offers guidance on these restorative therapies that may be practiced in your home to connect with the wisdom of your subtle anatomy and continue stimulating your vital life-force to encourage the self healing capacity of your body. 


vedic MEDITATION + Prayer

Exploring your connection with Spirit through prayer and the vibration of mantra to enter into a state of expanded awareness. 

Flowering banos bath /  rinse

A healing plant tea of various flowers and medicinal plants that are prepared as a bath or rinse. Curanderas in Peru prescribe a "baño de florecimiento" (flowering bath) as a medicine for the body and spirit. The plants and flowers selected for the bath clean and recharge your cosmic energy, assist your physical organs in detoxification and bring calm to your nervous system. When we absorb the healing influence of plants we become charged with their light energy. 

trauma release exercise (tre)

A simple method to release trauma stored in the body by evoking a muscular shaking process. These self-induced tremors are common among animals  in nature who naturally shake to release tension after a stressful experience.



Flower essence therapy 

Using the energetic vibration of  wildflowers to gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out heavy emotions which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. Flower remedies work on the subtle level of the bio-energetic field, allowing ones soul to come into harmony so the body is free to heal itself.

Nourishment for the body 

Guidance on eating mindfully and nurturing oneself with the healing foods of Mother Earth. Using Medical Medium protocols combined with the tool of Radiesthesia to discover which foods are best for your individual constitution, uncover food sensitivities, gain an understanding of how the electromagnetic energy of foods help you heal and look more deeply into your relationship with foods through accessing the wisdom of your subtle anatomy. We will create a nourishment map to support your physical body and spiritual development, using nourishment as a form of energy medicine to heal the body cell by cell.